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About KaHero

KaHero is a POS (Point of Sale) system designed specifically for SMEs, simplifying sales management and providing seamless tracking both online and offline. KaHero aims to empower SMEs by reducing errors and increasing efficiency to drive growth.

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Core features

Streamline operations, enhance customer experience with powerful features

Point of Sales

Seamless Sales, Lower Cost, Simplify And Automate Your Business
  • Accepts cash, cards, mobile, and online payments
  • No expensive hardware required
  • User-friendly interface, setup in minutes
  • Boost sales, earn, redeem, retain with loyalty points

Inventory Management

Simplify Inventory Track, Update, Generate Reports Effortlessly
  • Optimize inventory, track transactions, and price smartly
  • Automated ingredient deduction upon customer purchase
  • Streamline purchase orders and track suppliers
  • Production creation, raw material tracking

Employee Management

Seamless Sales, Lower Cost Simplify And Automate With KaHero POS
  • Secure selfie time clock for accurate employee attendance
  • Real-time mobile notifications for employee attendance
  • Attendance reports and staff analysis for management
  • User-friendly interface, seamless employee management

Shift Management

Simplify Inventory Track, Update, Generate Reports Effortlessly
  • Smooth cashier shifting for seamless transitions
  • Z-reading: End-of-day register reconciliation, sales report
  • X-reading: Mid-day register check, sales snapshot
  • Record and manage cash expenses effortlessly


Manage sales, inventory, and access detailed reports from your smartphone for real-time insights and on-the-go success
  • Monitor sales and inventory on the go
  • Receive real-time alerts and notifications
  • Check your employees' time-in and time-out anytime
  • Analyze trends and performance with detailed reports

Online Store

Point Of Sales Integrates Online Store, Expands Business
  • Easy setup, customize online store, no coding
  • POS and online store syncs inventory
  • Real-time SMS updates for engaged customers
  • Seamless integration: Online store to POS

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Other features

Even more ways KaHero can help your business

Franchise Platform

Monitor, Manage, and Maximize Efficiency with our Franchise Platform

Your comprehensive solution for efficient franchise management. With our user-friendly interface, seamlessly oversee all aspects of your franchise operations from a single, centralized hub. Monitor franchisee reports, track performance metrics, and streamline purchasing with integrated purchase order features.

Kitchen Display

Streamline kitchen operations with Kitchen Display feature

Effortlessly manage orders in real-time, customize the layout to fit your workflow, and ensure no order goes unnoticed with color-coded alerts. Seamlessly integrated with your existing POS system, KaHero's Kitchen Display is the key to smoother service and happier customers.

Money Manager

Keep track of your expenses

Stay on top of your finances. Easily track your monthly operating expenses, manage budgets, and gain valuable insights into your spending habits. With intuitive features and customizable reports, staying financially organized has never been easier.

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Inventory Management
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Employee Management
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Kitchen Display
Money Manager
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Premium Annual

Everything from Basic Annual, along with:
Add user (unlimited users)
Inventory Management
(unlimited number of items)
Employee Management
(unlimited team members)
Kitchen Display
Money Manager
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